KinetIQue Jewellery, kind not mined

KinetIQue Jewellery, kind not mined

A new era for diamonds.

Looking for the perfect engagement ring or a piece of diamond jewellery for that special someone? Whilst in the past this may have meant parting with a small fortune, these days finding the perfect diamond doesn’t have to cost the earth – literally.

KinetIQue offer the only genuine hybrid diamond on the market, providing more sparkle and fire than a mined diamond, whilst being 30% tougher. And the best part? They’re around 90% cheaper than a mined diamond of the same optical quality.

Created in a lab, IQ Diamonds are not associated with any human suffering or environmental destruction, allowing you to make the perfect purchase with a clear conscience and without compromising on quality.

The first of its kind to test positive for diamond on the industry-standard Presidium multi-tester, this is the most technologically advanced diamond alternative in the world.

Why not take a look at the many fantastic pieces available?


We love...

The idea of enjoying the look and feel of the finest quality mined diamond without the associated ethical concerns and price tag.

Don't miss...

The opportunity to make the most of KinetIQue’s bespoke design service – allowing you to be involved in every creative step of your one-of-a-kind piece.