Treen to Penberth Circular

A fantastic walk that boasts spectacular scenery and far reaching views.

The Route:

Starting at the car park in Treen (TR19 6LF) take the footpath next to the entrance to the car park, before heading over the stile a little way along the track. Make your way across the fields towards the sea and through the kissing gate at the far side that takes you onto the coastal path.

At this point you’ll have the opportunity to walk straight ahead onto the headland to see Logan Rock, as well as Porthcurno to the right and The Minack Theatre in the distance.

Head back to the kissing gate when you’re ready to continue and take the path to the left (as though you’ve just come through the gate), which runs parallel to the cliffs down to Penberth.

Staying on the left-hand side of the valley as you face it, you’ll pass some stepping stones over the river and continue past the front of the white cottage.

Reaching the fork, turn left up towards the woods, going over the stile at the top, before following the right hedge of the field until you reach the next stile. The track will then lead you back to the car park where you started.