About Cornwall

From its long and interesting history to the geography of its famous landscape, find out all you need to know about this beautiful county.

Why visit?


Famous for its beautiful beaches, Cornwall has the longest coastline in Britain, with 80% of its land mass surrounded by water

Little wonder, then, that there are more artists living in West Cornwall than anywhere else in the country. Cornwall isn’t just about coastline though (stunning as it is) – 10% of the UK’s heathland is in the county and 30% of the landscape has ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ status.


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Geography of Cornwall


Situated in the far south west of the UK, Cornwall has a distinctive landscape dotted with historical remains – from Bronze Age standing stones and stone circles to stark mine stacks, their iconic chimneys pointing towards the sky

Cornwall’s coastline is legendary. As Poldark fans will know, dramatic cliffs give way to secluded coves, rocky outcrops and vast expanses of beach. Away from the sea, there is moorland, wooded valleys and a variety of market towns and villages. Visit Cornwall and be amazed by its geological diversity.


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History of Cornwall


Cornwall’s history goes back to the Stone Age when farming became established and fortified settlements like Carn Brea were built

Through the many centuries since then, significant events and people have left their legacy in a county whose rich and fascinating heritage is evident in so many different ways.

Cornwall travel


There are two main road routes into Cornwall – the A30 which is now mostly dual carriageway from Exeter to the outskirts of Truro and the A38 which bypasses Plymouth and goes across the Tamar Bridge

There are regular trains from London and other major UK cities and flights to Newquay airport are a great option for those preferring to travel quickly and directly.


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Truly Cornish


There are some things that can only be experienced in Cornwall, from visiting the first ever parabolic antenna on earth to the simple pleasure of eating a Cornish pasty on a Cornish beach

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