Lellizzick Cliffs

Lellizzick Cliffs

One thing the BBC drama series Poldark has is plenty of dramatic scenery to match the action. Sweeping moorland and windswept clifftops abound from the opening sequence to the closing credits. Stunning Lellizzick Cliffs helps set the mood for the Poldark story with the perfect backdrop to the love story of Ross and Demelza.

A beautiful place to see in Cornwall, Lellizzick is on the headland overlooking the sand dunes at Hawkers Cove, just over a mile from Padstow. It is close to the tidal inlet of the River Camel and the infamous Doom Bar where hundreds of ships have come to grief since records began in the 17th century.

Lellizzick is no stranger to television fame, having been the focus of a Time Team investigation which uncovered evidence of a settlement here during the Romano-British period with pottery and coins being discovered.


We love...

Imagining Ross Poldark, as played by Aidan Turner, standing on the windswept cliffs with the full might of the Atlantic Ocean breaking on the shore below.

Don't miss...

This provides stunning scenery for walkers. Head towards Stepper Point, where a chapel dedicated to Cornish saint St Samson once stood.