Michael Strang

Michael Strang

Artist Michael Strang is an extraordinary man. One of those people who leaves an indelible impression because, like many of the creative geniuses he admires, he seems to possess a sense of other-worldliness that sets him and his incredible body of work apart.

Look carefully at one of his oil paintings and you feel the spiritual imperative that drives him on to produce wonderful art on a daily basis. This isn’t a man who has devoted his entire life to painting because it is a job but, like other masters of the genre, because he cannot resist its pull.

His reputation as a great artist has led to numerous commissions - with his breathtaking sunsets, compelling red poppy fields and vibrantly coloured hedges making regular appearances in some of this country’s most prestigious galleries. Private collectors and national museums are also beating a path to his door, keen not only to make canny future investments but also genuinely thrilled to have his passionate interpretations of the world around us gracing their walls.

We love...

Everything about his large body of work which includes landscapes, seascapes, floral arrangements, flowering fields, hedgerows, still life and portraiture.

Don't miss...

The multitude of emotions that each Michael Strang painting excites. His art is vivid, colourful, beautiful and cries out to be appreciated – not just for technical deftness but for that indefinable something that makes us think and wonder.