Ethica Diamonds

Ethica Diamonds

Looking for the perfect engagement ring or a piece of diamond jewellery for that special someone? Whilst in the past this may have meant parting with a small fortune, these days finding the perfect diamond doesn’t have to cost the earth – literally.

Ethica Diamonds, based in Truro, are the go-to jewellers for people searching for kind, not mined jewellery. They use lab grown diamonds and gemstones in all their pieces, grown above ground and have never, and will never use diamonds that are naturally mined. They also use recycled materials where possible and Fairtrade gold that provide a positive impact to responsible mining.

With prices around 70% cheaper than mined diamonds, Ethica Diamonds have helped hundreds of happy customers find the perfect piece of jewellery.

Why not take a look at the many fantastic pieces available?

We love...

The idea of enjoying the look and feel of the finest quality mined diamond without the associated ethical concerns and price tag.

Don't miss...

The opportunity to make the most of the bespoke design service – allowing you to be involved in every creative step of your one-of-a-kind piece.