Carnglaze Caverns

Carnglaze Caverns

Explore above and below…

Intrepid adventurers young and old will relish the chance to venture beneath the beautiful Cornish landscape and explore the series of manmade caverns at Carnglaze. Then emerge back into the light and enjoy a picnic in the terraced garden, or a magical walk to discover fairies, waterfalls and dragons in the Enchanted Dell.

Start your adventure in the Rum Store cavern, once a safe storage area for the UK during World War 2. Then venture deeper beneath the southern edge of Bodmin Moor and marvel at the astonishing Cathedral Chamber and the crystal clear blue green waters of a vast underground lake.

The underground nature of this former slate mine makes this attraction near St Neot village one of the best places to see in Cornwall on a rainy day.  Or visit when it’s dry and enjoy the grounds. Follow a route across the zigzag paths of the Terrace Garden and out into Quarry Wood. Keep an eye out for wildlife including birds of prey, foxes, deer and a variety of birds, dragonflies and butterflies.


We love...

The sweet scent of a springtime evening walk through the bluebell carpeted woodland — kept open on Tuesday evenings when the flowers are in full bloom.

Don't miss...

Concerts in a cave! From classical to pop music or, of course, rock, the amazing acoustics in the Rum Store Cavern make this a venue like no other.