Poldhu Cove

Poldhu Cove

A slice of history in stunning surroundings

Love lounging on the beach amongst some spectacular scenery? Poldhu Cove is the perfect, unspoilt, sandy spot and well known for its clean, blue Atlantic waters. It’s a great space for beach games, building a sandcastle, swimming, surfing and windsurfing; making it a great choice of beach when visiting Cornwall with the family. After a hard day on the beach, kick back at the Poldhu Beach Café, nestled amongst the dunes.

While you’re in the area, be sure to visit the Marconi Centre to find out about one of the most significant technological advances of the 20th Century. It was from here that Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi sent the first wireless signal ever in December 1901. From this communication milestone sprang the radio, TV, satellites and internet we know and love today. Collect a leaflet for a self-guided tour of the ruins of the old transmitter building, then walk along the cliffs to the south of the car park where you’ll find a monument to Marconi and his landmark invention.

We love...

Planning a special day trip to Poldhu Cove – you won’t pass it on your way to anywhere so it tends not to get too busy.

Don't miss...

Listening to short wave radios and finding out about the significance of Marconi’s work on wireless technology at the Marconi Centre.