St Enodoc Church

St Enodoc Church

Hidden amongst the fairways of the surrounding golf course and sat in the shadow of Brea Hill stands the beautiful St Enodoc Church.

Due to its location, many fall upon this tranquil piece of holy ground by complete mistake, whilst others regularly set off along the footpaths at Daymer Bay to visit the historic landmark - dodging golf balls as they go. 

Sir John Betjeman, a famous Poet Laureate, is among the countless people who have enjoyed a strong connection with the church - having spent many happy holidays there as a child. Famous for becoming the subject of one of his many well-known poems, St Enodoc eventually became Betjeman’s last resting place - with his grave stone often visited by those exploring the church today. 

With some of its architecture dating back to the 12th century, the building certainly boasts an interesting history, having been almost completely buried beneath the sand before its renovation in the 19th century. Still providing a place of prayer and reflection for many, this interesting and beautiful Cornish church is certainly well worth a visit.

It is important to note that there is no direct vehicle access to St. Enodoc - visitors will need to park at the nearby Daymer Bay car park and make the 10 minute walk to reach the church.


We love...

The poem created by Sir John Betjeman about St. Enodoc – it’s well worth a read before your visit.

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A stroll down onto Daymer Bay Beach and exploring the surrounding coastal footpaths.