Trebarwith Strand

Trebarwith Strand

A ribbon of golden sands at low tide

Between Port Isaac and Tintagel, at the bottom of a deep, scenic valley, you’ll find a series of beaches that combine at low tide to create a mile-long ribbon of golden sand; a truly beautiful place to see in Cornwall.

Accessible to walkers from the north and south via the South West Coast Path, Trebarwith Strand is perfect for families at low tide with plenty of room for games, sandcastles and exploring rock pools and caves in the cliffs.

Offshore is Gull Rock, home to many species of local seabird including a host of different types of gull.

Strong winds blowing off the Atlantic make Trebarwith an excellent spot for intermediate and advance surfers who’ll love the challenge of fast, barrel and cross waves. Keen snorkelers should head to the far right of the beach to the section known as Hole Beach which is cut off except for a couple of hours at low tide when an abundance of sea bass make it popular with anglers.

We love...

A cliff top walk to Tintagel, passing the boreholes and other remnants of nine slate quarries that operated here from the 15th century until the start of WW2.

Don't miss...

Heading to the beach for a romantic picnic with the backdrop of a spectacular orange and red tinged sunset out over the sea.