St Martins | Isles of Scilly

Two miles of stunning serenity.

St Martin’s is the third largest island, located to the northeast corner of the Isles of Scilly archipelago – the first glimpse of paradise when travelling from the mainland.

Though only two miles long, St Martin’s has plenty of activities for those looking for adventure. From snorkelling safaris to wine tastings and flower farm visits, there’s plenty to see and do.

Take advantage of the beautiful pathways and explore the island on foot or by bike. The stunning walk around Chapel Down leads to the iconic Daymark. Erected in 1683 by Thomas Ekins, it is the earliest surviving example of a beacon in the British Isles.

Looking for somewhere to relax and unwind? St Martin’s has some of the best beaches in the world -incredible white sands, translucent turquoise seas and hardly a soul in sight.

We love...

Great Bay – situated on the northern coast of St Martin’s, a beautiful remote beach – great for picnics.

Don't miss...

The other islands. The inter-island boat service makes it easy to visit the rest of the Scillies.