King Arthur Country

Tintagel overflows with Dark Age history, mystery and the wonders of nature.

Venture down to the beach to explore Merlin’s Cave. Mount a quest to discover the wibbly-wobbly old post office. Visit the round table at the wonderfully eccentric King Arthur’s Great Hall, built by an American custard-magnate in the 1930s. Welcome to Cornwall’s Camelot.

The evocative ruined castle is the focal point out on the rocky peninsular. It was once a mighty medieval fortress and is woven into the fabric of British and Cornish folklore as the home of the legendary King Arthur.

There are lots of opportunities for sea swimming, windswept coastal walks and fairy hunting, too. In the surrounding Cornish countryside you’ll find a landscape full of spiritual waterfalls, craggy valleys, abandoned buildings and a new story along every path.

Tintagel is full of surprises and plenty to do - come mizzle, rain or shine.

We love...

Taking a tea break in the ornate surroundings of the Camelot Castle Hotel. Guests have included Churchill, Elgar, AA Milne, Ava Gardner and Noel Coward.

Don't miss...

The exceptional beauty of Rocky Valley. Walk between towering slate walls, wonder at waterfalls and explore a derelict mill with Cornish maze carvings.