Nanjizal - copyright Chris Lovelock

Surrounded by rugged, strangely-shaped cliffs and frequently strewn with boulders due to the ravages of the dramatic Atlantic storms, Nanjizal Bay isn’t your typical sandy beach but rather a picturesque cove full of natural, sometimes savage beauty.

Located near Land's End, it’s certainly not somewhere you’d simply stumble upon, however it’s well worth taking the time to explore.

We suggest parking in the small hamlet of Trevescan – from which you can follow the footpath sign just beyond the Apple Tree Café. Walk nearly a mile through fields and a farmyard before emerging onto a valley ridge that ultimately plunges towards the sea. Heather and gorse border the narrow pathway that leads to the wooden steps and bridges that give access to the beach.

Once there, have a look at the vertical chasm known as ‘Song of the Sea’ where, like the eye of a needle, compelling glimpses of the occasional crashing wave can be seen. At the opposite end you’ll also find the ‘Diamond Horse – an equine-like rock formation whose veins of quartz glisten in the sunlight.

Seals can often be seen here too, whilst the series of waterfalls provide a beautiful soundtrack to relax to.

Why not take a picnic with you and enjoy this truly unspoilt spot for a while – off the beaten track, you can be sure you won’t be battling the crowds here.