Picture by Dan Goodwin (license)

There are many ways to travel to Cornwall, from trains to the ferry and from coaches to flying, however as the preferred method of transport for many of us, numerous people will choose to travel to the county by car.

Most visitors driving to Cornwall will make use of the UK’s extensive motorway system, heading south on either the M4 from London or the M6 from Manchester before joining the M5 to Exeter and eventually either the A30 or A38 down into Cornwall.

As the main highway route to Cornwall from the rest of the UK the A30 is dual carriageway for the most part making it a popular route for visitors to the county. However it is important to note the current road works taking place which may affect your travel plans.

A project is now in progress on the remaining section of single carriageway between Exeter and Carland Cross on the A30 with the purpose of changing this length of road into dual carriageway, easing congestion and make travelling through this busy part of the county that much easier in the future. The work is due to take 22 months; opening in early 2017.

Whilst in progress there will be a 40mph speed limit enforced, as well as a ban on carriageway crossings and right turns to and from side roads in order to try and ensure the flow of traffic is maintained.

The work is not expected to make the congestion in this area any worse during the peak season months, instead it has been suggested that the changes put in place for the project could help to maintain a continuous flow.

However it is wise to avoid this route at busy times, instead travelling outside rush hours or using alternative routes such as the A38 or A39 roads.

Visit the Highways England website to find out more.