Bude is home to a fascinating array of historical and geological sites - from Bude Castle to the sea pool and the town’s canal to Compass Point overlooking the breathtaking north coast. With holidaymakers flocking to its stunning sands since the Victorian age, Bude still remains one of the most popular places to visit in Cornwall for surfers and families alike. With some great offers coming up this June for two resorts in and around Bude, we have chosen three sites of interest you must see during your visit.

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  1. Bude Castle

Bude Castle is ideal for anyone eager to discover Bude’s rich heritage, geology, natural history and local art. Inventor Sir Goldsworthy Gurney originally built the castle as his home in 1830. Today it is the ideal space for you to discover all there is to know about Bude and the surrounding area. From shipwrecks, Gurney’s inventions, the town’s history to local artwork, it’s a great day out with the family.


  1. Compass Point

To see Bude from the very best vantage point, climb to see this watchtower atop the headland - known locally as 'The Pepper Pot'. Walk off your evening meal and head to the tower at dusk to see spectacular views and the sun setting across the north coast. If you look closely, you’ll see just where the landmark got its name, with points of the compass carved into the tower’s walls.

  1. Sea Pool

Created in the 1930s, part man-made and part natural environment, Bude Sea Pool is an incredible part of Bude to uncover on your visit. Enjoy a blissful swim amongst the cliffs and bathe in the sunlight at this unique spot on the Cornish map. And admission is unrestricted and completely free!

Bude Sea Pool

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